xCoins Digital Currency Exchange

What is xCoins?

xCoins is not really an exchange but we thought it's worth mentioning.

With xCoins you can quickly acquire Bitcoin through Paypal by participating on a peer-to-peer marketplace. xCoins claims to offer fast transactions through a Secured Loans system where you offer collateral to be held by the lender, this in our opinion is very similar to exchange trading without them owning up to it. We feel it would be a good platform to offload your Bitcoin, as the rates are quite competitive.

Do I need a Digital Wallet

Xcoins provides you with your own Digital Wallets to deposit your Bitcoin into. If you prefer to use your own Digital Wallet then you can use our Wallet Section to choose the type of Wallet that suits you best.

xCoins overview by Altcoinium

Its relatively easy to use and suitable for those just starting out. Xcoins Inc. is registered in Santa Monica, California.

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