Xapo Digital Currency Wallet

What is the Xapo Wallet?

Xapo is a popular user friendly browser based Bitcoin only wallet.

How does it work?

Xapo can claim to utilise a slightly elevated security procedure over its competitors using offline servers forcing security via its gateway procedures.

It is indicative of the new generation of hybrid financial services providers. Xapo, like Wirex, also has a debit card which is compatible with the majority of PoS systems, Bitcoin ATMs and, of course, all merchants where Bitcoin is accepted.

What is different about Xapo is the sheer size of transactions permitted. For fully identified and verified members the daily limits are $50,000 for US citizens and €30,000 for their European counterparts.

Xapo Wallet overview by Altcoinium

If you are Warren Buffet or Bill Gates this is the baby you have been looking for!

Compatible with Web, Android, iOS.

Download the latest version here.