Trezor Digital Currency Wallet

What is the Trezor Wallet?

Trezor is another popular hardware cold-storage wallet, Trezor was launched in August 2014 and at the time, was the first of its kind.

How does it work?

As with the other hardware wallets, Trezor stores your private keys offline and provides you with the ability to digitally sign your transactions rendering them virtually impossible to interfere with.

Security is of the utmost concern with hardware wallets and Trezor doesn’t disappoint. Equipped to deal with both physical and virtual theft, it forces the implementation of a pin code at setup. This is used to authorise the spending of your coins, allowing it to act like a hot wallet, which is obviously quite handy right? Make sure you input your pin correctly….because for each mistake you make the wait time between re-inputs is raised by a factor of 2. So if you were to make 30 mistakes you would need to wait 17 years before attempting again. Don’t forget it!

Trezor claim to have no issues with their device being used on a machine infected with malware, it is impervious. A very useful option to have if urgent administration is needed and you are far from home.

Trezor can also be backed up using a 24-word seed generated via RNG using the device itself and a separate computer. The seed is generated offline and displayed on the little inbuilt Trezor screen. In addition you can add a passphrase for even greater security but this essentially joins on to the end of the seed and becomes the 25th word. Make sure if a passphrase is set you record it effectively. If it is lost the wallet cannot be recovered using the 24-word seed alone.

Trezor Wallet overview by Altcoinium

In short Trezor is very good at what it does and earns its place amongst the most popular cold-storage hardware wallets. Altcoinium wholeheartedly recommends Trezor as a secure, mobile and stylish hardware wallet.

Compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux.

As with all hardware wallets it costs money so click here to see the latest prices from Trezor.