Strongcoin Digital Currency Wallet

What is the Strongcoin Wallet?

Here’s another hybrid web wallet, with the now familiar locally stored encrypted private key keeping you safe.

How does it work?

Strongcoin never ever see the unencrypted private key on their server, which is good for us.

Established in 2011, and claiming to be the ‘longest running wallet’ Strongcoin has continued to provide a safe little home for your bitcoin's whether accessing on a desktop or a mobile device.

As with all wallets it does the job, what we need to mention is the absolute ease with which one can create a wallet on their site. Super quick! Just provide an email address and set a password, that's it!

You can have multiple wallets pegged to the same email address so separation of digital tokens is easily achieved. What we also liked is the interesting way strongcoin evaluate the strength of your password. Once you type in your password, prior to setting it, you are warned about the complexity of it in a novel way. When I entered my first password I was promptly told that it would take 5 days for a ‘Computer’ to hack my password. This cleverly incentivises customers to select strong passwords. We liked that.

What we didn’t like so much is the user interface. Come on Strongcoin, do we really need so many tabs on the display. I think not.

Strongcoin overview by Altcoinium

In short Strongcoin does its job. With encrypted (AES) data, secure transactions and integrated exchange service Strongcoin is a wallet for anyone who like to keep their coins safe. We just wish their interface was a bit sexier. If you need a Bitcoin wallet ultra fast look no further than Strongcoin.

Compatible with Web, Android, iOS.

Download the latest version here.