Mist Digital Currency Wallet

What is the Mist Wallet?

Mist is the daddy of the Ethereum wallets. An open source free to download wallet dedicated to the Ethereum network.

How does it work?

Mist has the welcomed security feature of retaining your private key on your own physical device for that added peace of mind. As with all desktop wallets it can take a little time for Mist to synchronise the entire ethereum blockchain (around 30GB). After the initial synchronisation is complete you will be prompted to apply a password. It is vital you record this password carefully. If you lose this password or forget it, quite simply, you will not be able to use Mist thereafter. Seeking assistance from support is like pulling teeth.

The support of Smart Contracts is another appealing feature and Mist does not require you to supply personal information in order to install it. This allows the participant a high degree of anonymity whilst enabling participation on the ethereum blockchain.

Mist overview by Altcoinium

It is the official ethereum wallet; there is no need to look beyond this Mist.

Compatible with Windows, Mac OS X or Linux operating system.

Download the latest version here.