HitBTC Digital Currency Exchange

What is HitBTC?

HitBTC is a global trading platform with multi-currency support. This exchange has markets for trading digital assets, tokens and ICOs and provides a wide range of tools as well as stable uptime. With over 150 different instruments available to you, this makes HitBTC suitable for the intermediate Digital Currency user!

How to buy Digital Currency

To get started you will need to register and complete their Verification is needed only for fiat traders and the process is straight forward and well prompted. Cryptocurrency operations do not require verification. In order to comply with the KYC/AML standards, HitBTC uses a status-based policy for all its users. HitBTC has three main statuses for all its clients: General, Verified and Qualified, each status is subject to its own limits for trading.

Will I need a Digital Wallet?

HitBTC provides you with your own Digital Wallets. Keep in mind, you need to have different types of Wallets for each of the different Digital Currencies. You keep your Bitcoin in your Bitcoin Wallet, Ethereum in your Etheruem Wallet and so on.

Creating a Digital Wallet to store your Digital Currency

You may wish to keep your newly acquired crytocurrency in a separate wallet and not on the exchange, that is easily done. have a look at our Wallets Section to choose a digital wallet that suits you best.

HitBTC overview by Altcoinium

With HitBTC you can easily learn to trade, exchange and store Digital Currencies and provides an easy to use interface to help even the most inexperienced Digital Currency user. A very good selection of different order types are available such as: market, good-til-canceled, good-til-date/time, day, immediate-or-cancel or fill-or-kill. Nice!

HitBTC is a European Digital Currency exchange and has been operating since 2013.

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