Green Address Digital Currency Wallet

What is the Green Address Wallet?

Our first web wallet review, web wallets store your private keys online. As you can imagine this is not the securest method of storage, the thing with web wallets is they allow you to access your crypto from any device connected to the internet. Its portability is its strength and weakness simultaneously.

How does it work?

Green Address stores an encrypted version of your private key which is only accessible by a user defined password. There is a handy multi-signature protector which essentially means you have to manually confirm electronic movement of your coins. Nice touch in our opinion.

The browser based nature also confirms its cross platform compatibility and available Chrome extensions ensuring even greater security for the web.

Green Address overview by Altcoinium

Our main gripe with Green Address is that it is fairly tricky and time consuming to configure correctly. For that reason alone we would be reluctant to recommend it for beginners.

Green Address is most suited to fairly technical users who require an ultra portable solution to owning a cryptocurrency wallet.

Compatible with Web, Android, iOS.

Create your Green Address wallet here.